Nutriboss Blender 12 pieces

The NutriBoss Bullet blender is new and super powerful. 
Forget about any existing blender out there,
because NutriBoss is superior to anything else available on the market.
With the NutriBoss, it makes preparing juices, shakes and smoothies a breeze.

Why is it so effortless?

Because the NutriBoss Nutribullet blender has
a powerful 600 Watt motor and serrated blades,
it can slice through anything. Your vegetables,
fruits and nuts will be crushed and pulverised.
And the great thing is that it won’t leave any bits and pieces behind,
due to its powerful motor.

What your NutriBoss package contains:

  • 600 Watt NutriBoss unit
  • Crossblade blades
  • Mixer cups, from large to small (3-piece)
  • Sealant ringsto convert mixing cups to drinking glasses
  • 2 drinking lids
  • 2 sprinkle lids
  • User manual
  • 50 great recipes

Colours: You can choose between black and grey



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