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Polaryte HD

Polaryte HD Sunglasses

In the heat of summer, we can all certainly use a pair of good sunglasses to shield our eyes from the glare of harsh sunlight. Without sunglasses, we may even suffer from headaches due to continually screwing our eyes up against the harsh light. When exposed to bright sunlight without the benefit of eye protection, our visibility may become impaired in risky situations, such as when driving in traffic for example.

Unlike other sunglasses, Polaryte HD sunglasses do not alter the vividness of the colors around you. So you always have an unimpaired, clear view of everything around you, and can continue to enjoy the greenery in nature while at the same time protecting your eyes from the bright UV rays of the sun.

Polaryte HD Sunglasses are equally effective when it comes to hiking, cycling or driving. Which means that you will be safe in traffic. With these sunglasses, you will no longer be blinded by bright sunrays and you will always have a clear view of what's happening around you.

Polaryte HD sunglasses are also equipped with built-in magnets. This allows you to easily attach the sunglasses to your t-shirt, or even attach them to your bag. This means you won’t easily mislay or lose your sunglasses.


  • ·         Must-Have 2017
  • ·         Protects eyes against harmful UV rays
  • ·         Does not distort the clarity of colors
  • ·         Equipped with built-in magnets
  • ·         Fits easily in your bag

What do you get?

  • ·         Polaryte HD black with luxury glasses case
  • ·         Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • ·         Bonus: Polaryte HD with Tortoiseshell Frame




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